Hi all,  I’ve added a new gallery to my photography page.  The gallery contains images of Johnny Dangerously, a well-known gogo boy and stripper who performs in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and sometimes West Virginia who currently co-holds the title “Male Stripper of the Year” in Ohio.  Johnny and I have been trying to arrange a photo shoot for over two years and finally made it happen.  Johnny is good friends with another model of mine, Marco Moxie.  Marco also used to strip in the same places.  I heard of Johnny through Marco.  Johnny is known for his “sleeve”, a tattoo on his entire left arm and chest.  While the sleeve is beautiful Johnny is as well and I wanted to capture the Johnny everyone knows and loves as well as the Johnny I met and grew to respect and love through Marco and through Johnny and my chats over the past few years.  I hope you enjoy the images.

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